The Zeus Arc GT is an upgrade of the cheaper stainless steel version; the ZEUS Arc, featuring one of the most sought after metal on earth; gold. The GT may refer to the innovative Goldsink Technology as the vaporizer comes with a deep golden chamber that fits up to 0.3 grams of herbs at a time. The device itself is perfectly sized while the preset temperatures and modes make things simpler, both newbies or connoisseurs would approve. Meanwhile, the GT also comes with gold air-path and an accelerometer as a control instead of buttons, making it way easier to handle in public. Therefore, you may vape all day, and no one may notice. The device may be a bit on the higher price point; however, gold is not cheap while the quality and the technology in the device is worth it.


Engineered in Germany, the Zeus Arc GT originates from a land of great innovative vaporizers. For example, the notorious Storz & Bickel who produced the game-changing Volcano vaporizer and the medically certified Mighty vaporizer. From experience, German engineering is very intricate, and you may never be disappointed with the performances. Zeus Arsenal started to kick it off with their very own vaporizer, the ZEUS Smite which brings their name to the game.

As the rule of thumb, humans have always attracted by beauty and things that simplify our life. The Zeus Arc GT comes with an inconspicuous switch on top of the device, eliminating the need for bulging buttons on the device. To change the temperature settings or to check the battery life, all you need is to wave the device. It may take a little practice to get used to it, but you will get the hang of it quickly. Plus, there is no need to watch the device as it heats up as it comes with haptic feedback that will alert you when it’s ready.

Taste expensive
Gold has been one of the most precious metals on earth; it is the shiniest and conductive metal. There is no vaporizer out there with this kind of technology, the usage of it as a heating chamber and air-path is genius as it guarantees a pure-tasting vapor. Moreover, it also adds a touch of bling-bling to the regular black anodized aluminum casing.

Battery savvy
The Zeus Arc GT features a massive 3500mAh battery with 10 minutes of shut-off time to preserve energy. Meanwhile, the device limits the accelerometer to the first 3 minutes as it turns on to save battery life. There is no need to change the temperature too much during a session to efficiently vaporize your herbs. The battery lasts for 90 minutes of continuous usage, meaning that you can have up to 9 sessions with it.

Temperature and Firmware update
The Zeus Arc GT comes with 3 preset temperatures suitable for herbal vaporizing. However, it may be adjusted manually by choosing the heating profile from the firmware. By the time you read this, there might be an updated Zeus Arc GT firmware. In the meantime, the latest settings are as below:

  • V4.0 Performance :205°C, 215°C and 225°C.
    Currently, this is out of the box temperature settings.
  • V4.1 Performance with Iceborn : 205°C, 215°C and 225°C.
    Iceborn is an evolutionary vapor cooling accessory from this brand, and you may also use this setting for water pipes. The motion sensors and the cooldown timer are off for this setting.
  • V6.0 Flavor : 185°C, 195°C and 205°C.
  • V8.0 Balanced : 185°C, 205°C and 225°C.

Zeus Arc GT Video

In the following video, you may see the Zeus Arc GT in action and how portable the device is.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 5x Zeus grime wipes
  • 5x Zeus cleaning bristles
  • 1x Glass spacer screen
  • 1x Zeus pipe cleaning tool
  • 5x Cleaning cotton buds

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