Linx Blaze

Linx Blaze

Linx Blaze is a pen vaporizer that vaporizes concentrates such as oils and waxes. Linx Vapor combines solid production with simple operation into this elegant metal vape pen. With quick heat-up time and a set of curated temperature settings, the Blaze is born to blaze. To top it off, the Blaze includes two atomizers, made out of ceramic and quartz, providing you with the perfect concentrate experience. The modular design allows a replacement of all spare parts, which also means easy cleaning.


Originated from the States, Linx Vapor has achieved worldwide recognition for its high-quality vaporizers; namely the Linx Gaia and the notorious Hypnos Zero. These vaporizers received such high demands, and they precisely pursued certain criteria to apply to the Linx Blaze.

Linx Vapor always pays attention to detail – the Blaze is no exception in terms of its design. The concentrate vaporizer portrays an extremely high quality of craftsmanship. Like its brother, the Hypnos Zero, it comes with the brushed stainless steel surface and a magnetic lid to protect the borosilicate glass mouthpiece. For simplicity, the Blaze operates with the use of a single button.

The Blaze has a unique modular design that allows the replacement of all spare parts. For instance, you may replace the mouthpiece or any other component without getting a new vaporizer. Moreover, most part even matches with other Linx vaporizers. Besides, the removable design also makes cleaning easy; remove all the parts and soak it in isopropyl alcohol. You may exclude the battery part to clean, of course. Most importantly, the coil-less atomizers make it even more practical to clean and indirectly extends its lifespan.

Two Atomizers: Ace vs. Zero
The Linx Blaze comes with two coil-less atomizers, both has its own purpose and specialty :

  • Ace Atomizer: This quartz atomizer has a thick stainless steel coating, allowing seamless heat transfer for a long session.
  • Zero Atomizer: The ceramic heat plate provides fast heat-up time and dense vapor production. Therefore, it is also known as a high-performance atomizer.

Four temperature levels
First of all, many pen-vapes offers only one temperature level; the Blaze comes with four different settings. To change the settings, press the power button three times. In a low-temperature setting, you may enjoy the full flavor while a higher temperature ensures large clouds of vapor. The Blaze temperature levels are as below:

  • Blue: low
  • Green: medium
  • Yellow: medium-high
  • Red: high

Linx Blaze video

The following video shows the Linx Blaze in action. Meanwhile, you may see how sleek the vaporizer is as you find out the cool features it has.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Linx Blaze
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Magnetic mouthpiece cap
  • 1x Ceramic atomizer
  • 1x Quartz atomizer
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1x Filling tool
  • 1x Battery 900mAh
  • 1x User manual

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