DynaVap ‘B’

DynaVap ‘B’

A budget-friendly version of the previous DynaVap models, the ‘B’ will please first-time users. Simple to use and easy to operate, this dry herb vaporizer is ideal for micro-dosing, heats up instantly, and doesn’t need batteries or a charger. A great starter tool for anyone looking to get into the DynaVap universe, This entry-level vaporizer is uber-affordable, priced well under $50, and has unbelievable value.


If you prefer to eliminate the fuss associated with electronic vapes, DynaVap B celebrates tradition with their newest dry herb vaporizer, known as the ‘B’.

High-level performance, Entry-level price
A cost-efficient vaporizer that’s under $50, DynaVap B is ideal for micro-dosing, heats up in an instant, and doesn’t need batteries or a charger. The geniuses at DynaVap have gotten the build of the DynaVap B down to five parts: Stainless Steel Cap, Tip, Condenser, CCD (Circumferential Compression Diffuser), and a Silicone Stem. Made with quality materials, the B features a stainless steel tip that can withstand exceptionally high heat and a food-grade silicon stem and mouthpiece.

Old school style of vaping
The DynaVap B operates similarly to most DynaVaps. First, remove the stainless steel cap and load the B chamber with your herb. Once it’s filled, pop the cap back on, heat up the metal cap with a butane torch lighter, and keep twirling it so that the heat gets evenly distributed. When you hear a ‘click’, it’s ready to hit. You can also use the DynaVap induction heater to hit precise temperatures to get the most out of your herb.

Multi-purpose, Compatible with glass
An underrated feature of the DynaVap B vape is its compatibility with glass attachments. The food-grade silicone stem and mouthpiece connect with any 10mm connection, opening up a world of bongs, bubblers, and water pipes that pair fantastically with the DynaVap B.

Crafted to be small and lightweight
A budget-friendly version of the previous DynaVap models, the B is crafted for first-time users. This device is designed to work dry or with glass, to be simple, easy to operate, and lightweight. Petite and palm-sized with a classic design, DynaVap B comes encased in a green DynaVap tube.

DynaVap B Video

Watch this video for a quick glimpse into the DynaVap B, an uber-affordable dry herb vaporizer that’s priced under $50.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x DynaVap B Vaporizer
  • 1x Green Tube Case

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